Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Olympics, Week 1

The first week of the Olympics are officially in the books and there was a lot of excitement in the pool and at the gym. I really enjoy the swimming events and now that my daughter is in swimming it makes it even more exciting to watch. Someday I hope to watch her at the Olympics. The most exciting swimming event for me was seeing Rebecca Soni break the world record in the breast stoke and the 15 year old swim the 800 to gold. Missy Franklin is a great newcomer to the swimming and it is always great to see Phelps and Lochte do well.

One event that I was excited to see and haven't seen any is the Equestrian. My other daughter has been taking riding lessons and learning equestrian. I wanted to be able to watch some of that event but we don't get the one NBC channel that has had Equestrian on it.

Track has started and it is always fun to see the fastest woman and the fastest man. Just saw Bolt bolt in front of everyone and be only the second man to repeat as 100 meter winner. Congratulations Usain Bolt!

It has been a great Olympics. My favorite part of the Olympics is watching the underdogs and the athletes work hard to reach their greatest potential. They enjoy the competition and the fun regardless of who wins. It is after all about competing and doing the best you can to say I competed and made the most of it.

That is what we all need to do with the gifts God has given us. Do the best we can to please Him.

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