Monday, November 26, 2012

What Is Wrong?

What is wrong with the Minnesota Vikings? I contend it is not Percy Harvin being out for a couple weeks. It is not Christian Ponders difficult times although that doesn't help. It isn't their defense or special teams. It definitely isn't Adrian Peterson. It is my contention that it is the coaches and especially the play calling.

A prime example came in the game yesterday against the Bears. The Vikings had a 3rd and two from the 6 and instead of running AP for a mere 2 yards they call ponder to throw into the end zone. Of course it didn't work so now they have 4th and 2 and they do the exact play instead of call AP's number. Wouldn't it have been easier to call AP's number on that 3rd and 2 and if he doesn't make it then throw.

The Vikings have the best running back in the game and they don't use him on third down and rarely in the red zone. What kind of play calling is that. If something isn't done soon AP will not want to play here anymore he will want to play where he is used and where he will win.

I know, teams put 8 in the box to stop AP. If that is the case obviously he still beats the odds because he leads the league in rushing. Why not keep giving him the ball and make the other team actually try to stop the runaway train.

This week they play the Packers, one of the worst run defenses in the league. I bet the Vikings try to air it out and not even use AP. But if they make the right calls and play good defense they can beat the Packers. We'll just have to see what happens.