Thursday, July 4, 2013

D*** Yankees

The Minnesota Twins officially have a psychological problem with the Yankees. On this celebration of our Nations birth the Twins took a four game beating at the hands of the Yankees. The Yankees aren't even that good this year, Jeter, Rodriguez, Granderson, Texeira all are missing from the Bronx Bombers. Instead they field a team of rag tag players. Yet they still slug the heck out of the ball and seem to always beat the Twins.

 It wouldn't be so bad but no one but people in New York like the Yankees. Losing to them just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. In Boston they always talked about the curse of the Bambino and Boston over came that. I think it should just be the curse of the Yankees. Let's hope it doesn't take the Twins 100 years to overcome that curse.

I'm glad we only play them 6-7 times a year others the Twins might lose 162 games.

Let's hope July 5th is better than July 4th.