Friday, August 31, 2012

Three Overtimes

Really Gophers? You can't make life eay on yourselves. Instead you have to take the Runnin' Rebels of UNLV into three overtimes before dipensing of them. What does this mean in the grand scheme of your game. Are you going to be good this year or mediocre and best? Is there a bowl bid in your near future or the toilet bowl?

Let's hope you make a better showing against New Hampshire on Saturday September 8th. I suppose it didn't help that you played the game at 10 PM Central and out in the Vegas desert. Who really was able to stay up late on a work night and watch that three overtime game.

On to more important things. I really like the College Football overtime format better than the pro football format. It gives both teams a chance to have the ball in overtime and control their own destiny. In the pros if the first team scores too bad for the loser they should have done better on the coin flip. Put the fate and the game on line in the hands of a coin, just doesn't really make sense to me. I would love to see the pros change their overtime format. I believe they have slightly for playoff games but not the regular season. Go all the way and change that format. I am not sure if the college format is suitable for the pros but something different would be nice.

Congrats Gophers on a win. I hope to see many more of those this year from you.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Today's blog is not about one of the most beloved Seven Dwarfs. It's about a problem in sports that is in the news again. This time instead of baseball it is cycling. Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his 7 Tour de France victories because of suspicions that he was doping.

He never failed a drug test but all of the evidence is based on hearsay by others. He took tests during the Tour de France and during many of his competitions and never once failed a test. So why if someone says something it is the truth but the true tests are false.

Regardless of whether Armstrong took PEDs or not. Whether Bonds, and any other ball player did as well. It shouldn't matter too much. According to what I have heard 80% of cyclists use PEDs because of the stamina issue with a race like the Tour de France. Doesn't that put 80% of the racers on level ground. Maybe they test everyone in that race everyday and make the results known to the public so when issues like this come up every one knows the truth.

Dropping his side of the issue is a class act and I think it probably shows more his innocence because he just decided it isn't worth fighting when he knows he is right and they won't be convinced. Besides Lance Armstrong will probably be known more in the future for his work for cancer research and the philanthropy side of sports.

Lance, for me you will always be the seven time Tour de France winner.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The NFC East and West

Last week I gave my prediction for the standings in the NFC North this year. This week I am going to give you my prediction for the NFC East and the West. I am no expert but it is fun to see how correct I am.

As I said last week I would love for my readers to share their predictions as well.

Without further delay:

NFC East - This is always a tough division

New York Giants (Defending Superbowl champs win the division)
Washington Redskins (Behind RG3)
Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys

NFC West - Besides the 9ers who else is there

San Francisco 49ers
St Louis Rams
Arizona Cardinals
Seattle Seahawks

What are your thoughts?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Preseason Football

Preseason football has started. The Vikings had their opening game tonight at San Francisco and it is currently sitting at 17 - 6 with 2:19 left in the game. I didn't get a chance to watch much of the first half of the game. My expectations however are very low. I hope they do well and I hope Adrian Peterson can bounce back from his injury and play the whole season.

The Vikings are still in rebuilding and learning mode. The NFC North is going to be a tough division with the Packers, Bears and Lions all very tough teams to beat and the Vikings have to play each of them twice.

My hope is that Christian Ponder has improved as a Quarterback and we will see some great plays and some exciting games. If they can go 8 - 8 that would definitely be major improvement.

Here is my order for the NFC Central finish no records.

1.   Packers
2.   Lions
3.   Bears
4.   Vikings

Sorry Vikings. I just don't think you have it in you to overtake any of those three. I hope you do but I just don't see it happening.

Look for my predictions on other divisions as we lead up to the opening kickoff. Share yours with me as well by leaving a comment.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Olympics, Week 1

The first week of the Olympics are officially in the books and there was a lot of excitement in the pool and at the gym. I really enjoy the swimming events and now that my daughter is in swimming it makes it even more exciting to watch. Someday I hope to watch her at the Olympics. The most exciting swimming event for me was seeing Rebecca Soni break the world record in the breast stoke and the 15 year old swim the 800 to gold. Missy Franklin is a great newcomer to the swimming and it is always great to see Phelps and Lochte do well.

One event that I was excited to see and haven't seen any is the Equestrian. My other daughter has been taking riding lessons and learning equestrian. I wanted to be able to watch some of that event but we don't get the one NBC channel that has had Equestrian on it.

Track has started and it is always fun to see the fastest woman and the fastest man. Just saw Bolt bolt in front of everyone and be only the second man to repeat as 100 meter winner. Congratulations Usain Bolt!

It has been a great Olympics. My favorite part of the Olympics is watching the underdogs and the athletes work hard to reach their greatest potential. They enjoy the competition and the fun regardless of who wins. It is after all about competing and doing the best you can to say I competed and made the most of it.

That is what we all need to do with the gifts God has given us. Do the best we can to please Him.