Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Big Game

It is Super Bowl time again. For leaders all over the world it is an opportunity to relax and enjoy the biggest game of the season for the NFL. But it isn't just about the game it is also about the experience.

In Indianapolis they have what is called the NFL experience for the fans to enjoy some activities. You don't have to be in Indianapolis to enjoy the NFL experience. Create the atmosphere wherever you enjoy the game.

Today take some time out of your busy leadership week to enjoy the Patriots and Giants in Super Bowl XLVI. If you can't go to the big game then create the atmosphere at your home. Here are some suggestions to give yourself the the ultimate at home Super Bowl experience.

  • Big screen high definition television - You have to make sure it looks like you are there.
  • Decorations - Decorate your house in the colors of your favorite team.
  • Food and Beverages - Make sure you have ample supply of your favorite snacks and beverages. If you are making a meal make something like sloppy joes or chili.
  • Apparel - Make sure you dress in your teams colors and wear a jersey of your favorite player.
  • Interruptions - Make sure once the game starts you avoid all interruptions. Don't answer the phone unless it is your friend trash talking.
Enjoy the game!

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