Tuesday, April 24, 2012

99 Again

Could it be true? Could the Twins be on the road to another 99 loss season? Recent games would indicate that they are well on their way to another dismal season. I really hope not or it is going to be a long baseball season. Here are my reasons why the Twins aren't winning.

1.   Starting pitching is horrible. The starters can throw strikes but that is the problem they throw strikes right over the plate. Opposing batters can hit those out of the park.
2.   No superstar- Joe Mauer hits over 300 but most of his hits are singles and when the big hit is needed he can't deliver. They need a player who will step up and get hits when needed. How do think they won two World Series.
3.   Coaching - Gardenhire and staff are good coaches but I think it is time for a change. Sometimes a new face and a different outlook might help energize some of the players. Lariano needs someone who can figure him out and straighten him out.

Make these changes and they will avert another 99 loss season. If they stick to the status-quo then get ready for a lot of losses. They will then wonder why no one goes to Target Field.

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