Friday, September 7, 2012

Opening Weekend

Apart from Wednesday's kickoff game between the Giants and the Cowboys, Sunday marks the opening games to the NFL season. I am going to complete my predictions for each division. I have already looked at the NFC East, North and West. Today I will finish off the rest of them.

NFC South                                   AFC South
Atlanta                                           Houston
New Orleans                                  Tennessee
Carolina                                          Indianapolis
Tampa Bay                                     Jacksonville

AFC East                                       AFC North                                   AFC West
New England                                 Pittsburgh                                     Denver
Buffalo                                           Baltimore                                     Oakland
New York                                       Cleveland                                     San Diego
Miami                                             Cincinnati                                     Kansas City

I would love to see your predictions. As the season progresses I will tell you who I think will be in the playoffs and the Superbowl.

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