Friday, September 14, 2012

Pennant Races

September is a time for crisp cool air, back to school, football and of course baseball pennant races. With the introduction of one more wildcard team it has opened the door for more and more races. The usual suspects are still in the races but we have some newcomers this year.

If you live in Baltimore baseball is relevant in September again. If you live in the DC area (I know, Baltimore and DC are only a tobacco spit away from each other) you probably weren't alive the last time Washington was in a pennant race. Then there are the no name kids from Oakland playing moneyball again knocking on the door of a wildcard birth.

What are some intriguing World Series match-ups?

Baltimore vs Washington - Wouldn't that be interesting in a year when Obama and Romney are battling for the nations capital.

How about another bay battle San Francisco vs Oakland, minus the earthquake this time.

Could Texas do it for the third straight year. Are the Reds ready to create a new "Big Red Machine" and are the Chicago southsiders ready to unleash more homeruns in the post season. Never forget the Bronx Bombers. Of course I can't forget the defending champs St Louis and there is always Atlanta and the pitching of Tampa.

Who is your favorite? What match-up would you like to see?

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