Monday, July 30, 2012

Frankie Goes to the Southside

As a Twins fan it is time to say goodbye to Francisco Liriano. You gave us some ups, a no-hitter against the White Sox last year and 15 strikeouts against the A's earlier this month. You also gave us some downs, your injuries and your inconsistency.

I still think you could have been the ace the Twins needed they just needed you to go out and pitch. Pitch like you did over the last month on a consistent basis and you could be a premier pitcher in this league.

I wish you all the best with the White Sox except when you pitch against the Twins then be the old Frankie and give up hits and bombs. Hopefully the White Sox will use you like they are supposed to and you will find success.

I don't know much about the two players the Twins received for Liriano but they better be worth it and help the team in the future.

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