Saturday, August 25, 2012


Today's blog is not about one of the most beloved Seven Dwarfs. It's about a problem in sports that is in the news again. This time instead of baseball it is cycling. Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his 7 Tour de France victories because of suspicions that he was doping.

He never failed a drug test but all of the evidence is based on hearsay by others. He took tests during the Tour de France and during many of his competitions and never once failed a test. So why if someone says something it is the truth but the true tests are false.

Regardless of whether Armstrong took PEDs or not. Whether Bonds, and any other ball player did as well. It shouldn't matter too much. According to what I have heard 80% of cyclists use PEDs because of the stamina issue with a race like the Tour de France. Doesn't that put 80% of the racers on level ground. Maybe they test everyone in that race everyday and make the results known to the public so when issues like this come up every one knows the truth.

Dropping his side of the issue is a class act and I think it probably shows more his innocence because he just decided it isn't worth fighting when he knows he is right and they won't be convinced. Besides Lance Armstrong will probably be known more in the future for his work for cancer research and the philanthropy side of sports.

Lance, for me you will always be the seven time Tour de France winner.

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