Friday, September 21, 2012

The Lockout

Hockey preseason should have started by now. Minnesotans like myself would have anxiously been watching the play of the newest Wild players, Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. It was going to be an exciting season. That is right I said WAS. September 15th came and their was no Collective Bargaining agreement between the players and the owners so the owners locked the players out. No practice and so far no preseason.

It is very disappointing to hear two groups of people making millions of dollars complain that they don't have enough. If they can't figure it out maybe than can give me some of the money. Maybe they can get President Obama involved since President Obama wants to tax the rich maybe he can just tell both sides to share their wealth with the less fortunate. Oh wait! President Obama won't do that because he doesn't even share his wealth. He is too busy taxing every one to coffer his own agenda to really care about any one else.

The way I see the lockout is that the owners have every right to make as much money as they can. It is America and Canada where capitalism is king (or should be). Plus it isn't like the players are hurting for money. In fact here is a quote from Minnesota's recent millionaire Zach Parise.

"They are boasting how well the league is doing and how they've grown millions of dollars," says Wild Forward Zach Parise. "Then last time they come and say we need 24 percent off your salary and now they are going to do it again. After a while how much do you want us to cover for their mistakes?"

He just signed a 98 million dollar contract. That doesn't sound like a pay cut to me. I love sports and enjoy watching them but I am tired of the cry baby players whining that they don't have enough money and even the minimum amount in most sports are well over the amount I make, and I have my MBA. Most of the players can barely give a competent interview.

Then there are the owners making millions of dollars in other ventures and then whine and complain to the state or community that they need a new facility built or they may have to leave.

Why don't the player and the owners just SHUT UP play the game and let the fans enjoy watching without all of this politics.

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