Monday, June 18, 2012

Over Par

Three inches to the left or two inches too far could make the difference between winning and losing in golf. Another US open has come and gone and despite Webb Simpson posting a +1 and shooting a great final round score the true winner of this year's tournament was the Olympic Club. It gobbled up professional golfers and spit them out. Not a single tournament score under par. I would hate to see what would happen if mere mortals played that course.

Even Tiger Woods who usually has his mojo on for that final round found himself quickly consumed by the difficulty of the course. In a matter of the first six holes (coined the toughest opening six holes in golf) he found himself with three bogeys and a double, ouch!!

For us peasants who love the game, playing and watching it helps to see those professionals struggle. Jim Furyk who was tied or in the lead since some time on Friday found himself on the tee at 16 having three holes left to secure a win hooked his tee shot far left into the rough and dash any hopes he had to win. It is US Open moments like that that bring hope to the rest of us. You can look at the television and say "yep, I've done that".

Another example of mortality is Lee Westwood hitting one into the trees and the ball never coming down. I didn't think professionals ever lost a golf ball except for an occasional water shot.

Then there are always the great moments, John Peterson's hole in one, Webb Simpson's comeback and the cool play of a 17 year old amateur.

PGA, thanks for another great US open!

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