Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thunder and Heat

During these summer months when the weather gets really hot and it collides with a cold front it produces Thunder.

The NBA finals are set with the Oklahoma City Thunder playing the Miami Heat. Kevin Durant and Michael Westbrook against the big three from the Heat, James, Wade and Bosh. Who will it be?

I am hoping that a cold front comes to the Heat and produces a Thunder win. We saw the Thunder down two games to none and looking almost left for dead by the Spurs come back and win the next four games. We saw the Heat go up two zero on the Celtics only to almost lose it when the Celtics won three straight.

Will we see the Heat of games 6 and 7 and the Thunder of games 3-6? If so we will see quite the series. I am not a big Heat fan and I will be pulling for the Thunder. I do want to see some good games and some games that come down to the wire. I would like to hear who everyone is pulling for. Please leave me a comment on who you like in this series.

We saw when the Celtics played good defense and made their shots they prevailed. It was when they let LeBron have his way that they found the Heat taking control. The Thunder will have to play good defense and be able to make their shots to win this series. It won't be easy for either team but lets hope it is entertaining.

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