Monday, June 4, 2012

Twins No Nos

You might think I am going to do a retrospective on Minnesota Twins pitchers who have hurled a no hitter. Like last year's Liriano no hitter, or Eric Milton's 1999 version or how about the 1994 no hitter thrown by Scott Erickson. That would be fun but instead I am going to talk about the Twins connection to all three no-hitters thrown in baseball this year.

The first one.
  • On April 21st the Chicago White Sox beat the Seattle Mariners 4-0 and the Chicago pitcher was Philip Humber who threw the ultimate no hitter, a perfect game.
    • Twins connection: He was part of a trade between the Mets and the Twins. He didn't pitch much for the Twins and was released and pitched for the Royals and eventually came to the White Sox. The Twins could use him this year.

The second one:
  • On May 2nd Jared Weaver pitcher for the Anaheim Angels facing the Minnesota Twins proceeded to throw a no hitter. Winning by the score of 9-0.
    • Twins connection: The Twins were the victims.

The third one:
  • On Friday June 1st the New York Mets shutout the St. Louis Cardinals 8-0 with Johan Santana throwing his first no hitter and the Mets first in franchise history.
    • Twins connection: Johan used to be the ace of the Minnesota Twins pitching staff until they traded him to the Mets for a handful of players including Philip Humber.

Three interesting Twins connections to the 2012 no hitters. Congratulations to Humber, Weaver and Santana.

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